Resources for Instructors to Use in the Classroom

Do you need better materials to teach your students about business models? Bring lessons from Getting to Plan B into your classroom. John Mullins' case materials may be accessed from the European Case Clearing House website, and there's a PDF summary article on the book below.


John Mullins & Randy Komisar,
MIT Sloan Management Review, "A Business Plan? Or a Journey to Plan B?"
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Case Studies

From The Case Centre website:

Case study: Marston Venture Management (UK)

Case study: Indo US Ventures (India)

Case study series: Silverglide Surgical Technologies (USA)

Case study: Notting Hill Notes (UK)

Case study series: Concept Arbitrage in India (India) (Part A) (Part B)

Case study series: Visual Optical case series (Tunisia) (Part A)

Case study series: The Loot (India) (Part B)


Soren Hovgaard, "Opportunity Generation and Assessment"
Summer School in Entrepreneurship, 2010
Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen
To view the presentation as a PDF, click here.